Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets:

Whether it is Rover, Buster, Friskey or Twinkles, healthy pets can be such a pleasure and a treasure. Your pet is truly a member of your family, so be concerned about their health also.

Treat your dogs, cats and other animals with the same respect for natural living that we give ourselves. A holistic approach will help them enjoy life to its fullest, being healthy and happy as our loving companions.

Today's animal owners not only have more choices, but a better awareness and desire to enrich those animal's lives. Here you will find educational articles, and links to trusted suppliers of high quality, unique products for your feathered and furry friends.

You are your companion’s guardian. Educate yourself!!

The Cat's In Charge!

Most cat owners find out sooner or later that their cute little "fuzzball" is in charge. Cats do exactly what they want when they want. The more you urge them to do something, the more they will look away and make you wait.

For example, when served a meal, even if they are starving, they will look at it...look at you...look around the room...even walk away for a few minutes. It's as if to say "I'll eat when I'm good and ready; not when you tell me to.

Later, they will come to you, stretch out or roll on their back, and stare you down. You know their question: "So, when exactly do I get my massage? Hello!!"
Now a study in the 'Current Biology' journal, indicates that domestic cats may really have the ability to control their owners. Researchers say they use a high-pitched cry embedded within their naturally low-pitched purr to urge their owners to feed and attend to them. This sound which is different from the normal purring, exploits the nurturing instincts of humans.

I don't need the research to know our cats are in charge (we have two). The younger one especially, literally speaks to us with a unique sound, like a cross between a purr and a cry/meow. It just tugs at our heart and we cannot resist giving in to her desires. Our Jazzy is in charge...why fight it.

Pets Help Keep Us Healthy

Healthy pets provide many benefits to humans, doing more than keeping us company; they comfort us and also provide numerous health benefits.

Pets help to calm the anxious and soothe the depressed. Animal-assisted therapy has been shown to have at least a moderate effect on improving the emotional well-being of humans. According to a study in the journal Anthrozoös, which is a Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of People and Animals; researchers have successfully used animals to calm patients prior to certain medical procedures; and even help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder conquer their fears.

A 2000 study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that positive human and pet dog interactions can result in a lowering of blood pressure. Another study indicated that having an aquarium in the dining rooms of dementia care units can stimulate some residents to eat more of their meals and to gain weight.

Several studies have shown that dogs can play a role in motivating their owners to be more active, which could lead to improved physical fitness.

Researchers say animal companionship could possibly play a role in keeping seniors active and physically healthy. Pets relieve loneliness and may even help relieve symptoms of depression and dementia.

Caring for pets also help children learn nurturing and relationship skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Cat Litter Saga

Cat owners have a huge variety of cat litter to choose from, but many contain toxic additives and respiratory irritants. Think about what your cats are digging into and breathing everyday. My one year-old cat was having regular and very distressing sneezing fits until I got her “The World’s Best Cat Litter”. My kitty’s tiny lungs are now happier and healthier. Read the rest of the story, and find out where to get this great stuff.

Dog Training...Oh Yeah!

Some of us desperately need that!

Oooh nuts! I was trying to dig a tunnel to break outa this joint.

Funny video of well trained dogs...A Doggy Summer:

Scamper over here for all your Dog Training needs.

Pet Supplies

For strong, healthy pets, check out our favorite sources for the best Pet supplies.

Pet Trivia


Most cats will reach about 11 or 12 years of age. Some make it 18 and very few to 20 and beyond. Much of this will depend on whether or not a cat is indoors or allowed outdoors. Outdoor cats average about 8 years and indoor only cats quite often reach 15 or more years of age.

As for "cat years" versus "human years", according to material provided by the Gaines Research Center, cats will age 15 years in the first year (10 in the first six months!) and 4 years for every year after that. Other vets will say 20 years for the first year, 4 years for each year thereafter.

Muscles in Cat's Ears:

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

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