We Love Our Natalie Amore

Natalie Amore:

We have watched (it seemed like overnight) as Natalie blossomed from a cute, precocious child into a beautiful accomplished young lady.

Here are excerpts from her High School and College resumes`:



Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)
Expected Graduation: 2014
Major: Pre Med Biology


 Freshman Senator with the 40th Student Senate
 Received the most votes at FAMU in History of Fall Elections
 Mentor with the First Year Experience Course
 Sophisticated Lady and the Event Coordinator serves on the E-Board
 Member of the Student National Medical Association
 Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
 Member of the Student Development University committee
 Member of the Student Task Force Restructure Team



Mc Arthur High School
Graduated: 2010
Cumulative GPA 3.3
Academic GPA 3.6
Weighted Cumulative GPA 3.5
Class Rank: 92 out of 558

St. Thomas University
Lead Now (Leadership Summer Program 2009)
Total Credits Earned 6.00
Cumulative GPA 3.6
Grade Point 11.0100


 Best Buddies President (2007-2009)
 Best Buddies President Mentor (2009-2010)
 Senior Class Treasurer (2008-2010)
 Student Government Association member (2006-2010)
 Student Advisor Council (2007-2010)
 Women of Tomorrow President (2009-2010)
 Women of Tomorrow member (2007-2010)
 National Honor Society member (2009-2010)
 Junior Honor Society member (2009-2010)
 Aspira Secretary (2009-2010)
 ACF member (2009-2010)
 RHO Kappa Secretary (2009-2010)
 Cheerleader (2007-2010)
 Cheerleading Spirit Captain (2009-2010)
 Paws for a Cause Treasurer (2008-2009)
 Drama Club Treasurer Assistant (2008-2009)
 Human Relation Council (2007-2008)

Awards and Honor:

 Best Buddies Broward Outstanding President Award (2008-2009)
 Outstanding Leader Award (2009-2010)
 Senior Hall of Fame (2009-2010)
 Mc Arthur High Academic Honor (2006-2010)
 Mc Arthur High Honor Roll (2006-2010)
 Mc Arthur High Outstanding Achievement for Mathematics (2008-2009)
 Second Place BCAA Inaugural Cheerleading Champion (2008-2009)
 Superior Award from National Cheerleading Association (2007-2008)

Community Service Contribution:
Not initiated by school activates
Name of organization: Sunshine (Dolphin) Stadium Years 2007-2010

I assist with a non profit organization group by the name of Mingo Family. The funding we raise supports the upcoming events and future goals/expectation the Mingo Family participates in. I have been a dedicated community helper towards this organization, for three school years.

School related community service project:

Chair: Promote Disability and Awareness Month
Chair: Best Buddies Street Clean Up
Chair: Best Buddies Walkathon
Chair: S.G.A support Best Buddies Walkathon
Chair: Football game stadium usher
Chair: S.G.A Civic Involvement
Chair: Happy Holiday Feast
Chair: Custodial Staff Luncheon
Participate: Dr Martin Luther King Parade meal booth assistant
Participate: National Honor Society adopt a block clean up
Participate: S.G.A Beach Clean Up
Participate: Stop the “R” word
Participate: Water Collection for help Haiti Heal
Participate: Joe Di Maggio
Participate: St. Jude Hospital
Participate: S.G.A Give a family a wish
Participate: S.G.A Can drive collection

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