Physical and Mental Benefits of Music

Every time you crank up the tunes on that iPod you just might be improving your health. Regardless of your taste in music, it is having an impact on you. In fact, many studies are being done to look closer at all the music benefits that you can enjoy these days. Music therapy has become increasingly popular and is showing more and more evidence that music is a powerful force, bringing along both physical and mental benefits of music.

There is no question that there are mental music benefits. Just pop in your favorite tunes and suddenly the day becomes brighter. We all have those favorite songs we listen to when life has us down, to help give our mood a boost. When you are angry, calming music often does the trick. Having a bad day? Now who can possibly keep from smiling when the Chipmunks come on singing "Bad Day." Seriously, you can't stop the smile, as much as you want to.

Of course not only can music have positive effects on your emotions and mental state, but it has many physical benefits as well. One of the physical music benefits is the ability to ease chronic pain, or at least the perception of that pain. One study done at Javeriana University School Of Medicine worked to evaluate how music would affect chronic, acute, and cancer pain. The conclusions they came to after the study was complete, is that listening to music can help to reduce the intensity of pain and the requirements for painkillers. Next time you are dealing with pain, instead of popping pills, turn on the radio or turn on your iPod for some relief.

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Medical News Today sites a study done at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore that actually shows music to have cardiovascular benefits. This is the first time that this has been proven, but the emotions that come from music that is happy helps to bring a feeling of joy, which makes the lining of the blood vessels to expand and improve blood flow. It has previously been shown that laughter and other positive emotions are good for vascular and heart health, but now it has been shown that listening to music you enjoy also has a connection to good heart health. Preventing cardiovascular problems may be as simple as cranking up your favorite tunes on a regular basis.

Music is not just beneficial for those of us who are old enough to choose our own favorites, music can be physically and mentally beneficial for babies as well. Canadian researchers have found that in premature babies, music can help to lessen their pain. Listening to music seems to have a relaxing effect on babies, which is why so many parents today choose to put their babies to bed with music, and with great results. For older kids, music benefits can include helping them to study and get better grades. The American Music Conference has cited research showing that studying and listing to music can help with the ability to learn other concepts and to get better grades. The patterns that come with music can help to improve social skills, math skills, and even language skills. For this reason there are many curriculums today that are incorporating music into learning.

It is easy to see that there are many music benefits that you can enjoy. Music can provide great benefits mentally as well as physically. Music is indeed powerful, and it can be used in ways to help improve health and mental well being. Listen to music more often. It's really great for your health!

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