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Are You at Risk for High Blood Pressure?

Lower High Blood Pressure: It does not matter what is causing or may cause you to have high blood pressure. The important point is that if you know you are at risk you can take steps to reduce the risk and keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.


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This information may outrage you, especially if you are taking any meds for high blood pressure. So take a deep breath, and try to remain calm.

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We have no control over our genes, our race or our age. These are three risk factors for some people in developing high blood pressure. Certain races seem more likely to develop high blood pressure than others.

Age is a factor in blood pressure as well. The older you get, the more likely you are to have higher blood pressure.

While race, age and genes are not something you can control there are several risk factors for hypertension which you can control. The most important is weight. Obesity leads to higher blood pressure especially in people with a body mass index over 30.0.

Contributing to obesity and high blood pressure is also a lack of exercise. If you are inactive, you are more likely to be overweight and therefore develop hypertension.

Our eating and drinking habits greatly impact blood pressure. Consuming too much alcohol or salt on a regular basis also increases blood pressure. Not only overeating, but what you eat will affect blood pressure in a good or bad way.

How much stress you have and how you deal with it can influence blood pressure negatively. It is difficult to know how much stress a person is under, since many people hold it in and may not even feel overly stressed when in reality they are. When there is too much stress, other good habits are often sacrificed to deal with the current situation. For example, during a stressful period you may not get enough sleep or exercise or may substitute good home cooked meals for high sodium fast foods.

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Any one of these risk factors alone can put blood pressure levels within a dangerous range. When you couple the risk factors with one another, your problem grows exponentially. This means that if you are overweight, inactive and have a family history of hypertension, you are at a much higher risk than someone with only heredity working against them. It would be wise for anyone with the non-controllable risk factors of race, heredity, or age, to stay physically active, maintain a healthy weight and reduce the amount of alcohol and sodium they consume.

It is also important to eat a proper diet that will support a healthy blood pressure. Specific nutrients help lower high blood pressure even in those who are genetically predisposed to hypertension.

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5 Steps You Can Take Today To Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious disease, the cause of which is unknown. One fact health care professionals do know is that left untreated, high blood pressure over time can lead to serious heart disease and other vascular troubles, even death.

Blood pressure medications come in a wide range of formulas and dosages; each aimed at reducing the pressure going through the blood vessels either as the heart pumps blood or relaxes. Some medications strengthen the blood vessels while others thin the blood in an effort to reduce the strain. Trial and error is usually a doctor's only course of action when determining which combination of drugs and treatments will benefit a specific patient. The problem with this approach is the dangerous side effects, which often accompany these medications.

Doctor measuring blood pressure There is however some good news about hypertension! There are steps you can take today that will begin to lower your blood pressure almost immediately. Overtime, the result is a sustained healthy blood pressure reading that supports your blood vessels and heart for years to come.

Start with these 5 easy lifestyle changes. Always consult with your doctor before trying anything new with your health regime, and never go off of any medication without the advice of your doctor. Here is a list that any doctor can approve of:

1. Drink Water. Yes, water is a way to cleanse and refresh every part of the body, even your blood vessels. Drink 8-10 glasses each day to flush out excess salt and toxins that make their way into the blood stream. You can use water to replace some drinks containing caffeine that temporarily raise blood pressure.

2. Stop Smoking. If you are a long time smoker, you know how it affects your breathing. What you may not realize is its impact on your blood pressure. If you can't quit completely, then cut down. Even a 50% reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked each week can help.

3. Exercise. A cardiovascular workout strengthens the heart. This is important because high blood pressure over time puts added strain on the heart. Just 20 minutes, 3 times per week of a sustained increase in heart rate will aid in lowering blood pressure.

4. Eat Right. If you are eating better and exercising, a nice by-product will be weight loss. By reducing your weight by 10%, you can significantly lower blood pressure. A diet that includes the freshest fruits and vegetables will support healthy blood pressure. Reduce or eliminate salt intake, and especially beware of "hidden" sodium found abundantly in pre-packaged convenience foods.

5. Relax. Many people have a temporary raise in blood pressure when they are under stress. If you have high blood pressure because you are over weight or have a family history of hypertension, then stress raises it that much more. Try taking a walk, meditating or listening to relaxing music to take the edge off a stressful day. Make time for decompressing each and every day.

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