The Male Libido

Read this article with a wink and a smile!

A man’s libido includes emotional energy and physiological energy that is linked to one’s sex drive. The Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud created the term. Freud believed that a man’s libido was connected to both his sexual yearning and all productive human activity. Freud’s belief was that mis-directing or restraining a person’s libido resulted in psychiatric sicknesses. Meanwhile, Carl Gustav Jung used the term “libido” more generally, linking it to every life process in every species on Earth.

Thus, according to Freud’s theory, the more virility or assertiveness a man has, the greater his male libido or sexual desire is. Likewise, the less aggressive a man is, the weaker his libido is. Similarly, the weaker a man’s sexual desire is, the less aggressive he will be. And the greater that sexual desire is, the more aggressive he will be.

Today, many men are interested in improving how virile they are. Here are three methods you could try to achieve that goal:

1. Be chicken: Use this special chicken broth recipe to improve your desire. Boil chicken stock along with cayenne pepper, chives, leek, onion, and ginger.

2. Change your diet: According to Chinese herbal medicine, certain foods can improve your “fire energy,” including:

• black pepper • cayenne pepper • chives • cinnamon • garlic • ginger • horseradish • onion • scallions

3. Get physical: Studies have shown that 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily can boost your sexual health. You do not have to necessarily become a triathlete. Instead, consistently dedicate half an hour daily for power walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling, swimming, and so on. Increasing the blood flow throughout your body can have a positive impact on your sexual health.

4. Become a romantic: Take some time to slow down in this fast-paced world that we live in. Spend a romantic candle-lit dinner. Cook a special meal yourself, to put a smile on your sweetheart’s or spouse’s face. Another option is to treat your partner to dinner at a restaurant. The key is to make the event as romantic as possible. Look for features that can make the ambiance truly romantic: dimmed lights, violin music, a bubbling fountain, etc.

According to certain theorists, a link between how energetic a man is and how much sexual energy he has, indeed exists. Thus, by improving your physical health, you can indeed improve your sexual health as well. All the best to you!

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