Healthy Home

Create a healthy home or office environment with some of these practical ideas, tools and basic information.

Indoor Toxins

You may think that the air in your home is safe from toxins, but the EPA has stated that in many cases the air inside your home may be even more polluted than air outdoors. Check out some of the possible sources of toxins.

Benefits of Interior Plants

After learning about the wonderful health benefits of interior plants , you’ll see why every home and office setting should contain them.

How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Whether your have a large yard or just a small patio, porch or even a windowsill, getting your hands in the soil outdoors, planting and reaping your own flowers and vegetables can be an amazingly gratifying, stimulating and healthy experience. Plus, you can save wads of cash in the process. Gardening is HOT!!... or should I say, cool!??...Whatever!

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