German Shepherds

by Karina Nicole

Kailash and Bubba K. are the names of our beautiful furry children. They were raised together since puppies and it has been a blessing to have them in our lives. There is so much you learn from raising dogs, the most important that ive learned is the realization that our species is not different from their species, not at all. We share the universal love and that conquers all differences.

When we brought kailash and bubba k. home, they were each 2 months old, two weeks apart. My intuition and feelings led me to the realization that we had just adopted two babies that were sad, scarred and all they wanted was to be with their mommies and siblings, the only thing they'd ever known. I could see and feel their pain and in that moment I was no longer the same person,I was their mother. And I loved, nurtured and taught them who was alpha. I taught them everything I could. Potty training was definitely a challenge but we did it!! Thanks to positive attitudes and consistence. We feed our shepherds with the highest quality of holistic dry food and supplemental fresh raw meat. To sustain their health to the max. I eat quality foods and so do my children, even the hairy ones! I cant imagine my life without them because they have tied into mine and taught me so many lessons that i'm changed. We are changed. From our family to yours.

I write here today because last night kailash and bubba k. brought into this world a family of their own. And we are in bliss with these angels, true little angels. bless each of their little hearts.

If you are interested in one of our own please feel free to contact us through my brother antoines phone 909-800-6454.

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Aug 20, 2013
pictures NEW
by: karina nicole

I would love to add pictures of our Bubba k, Kailash and the little angels but I don't know how. can you help me?

Jul 31, 2013
RE: German Shepherds
by: Sandy for Holistic Health

Hi Karina,
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with us all.
How many puppies did Kailash and Bubba K. have?
It sounds as if you are looking for new homes for them.

You are welcome to post any pictures you may have. Are they white or brown?

I'll mention the puppies on our home page.

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