Female Libido

Some might say that there is at least one good thing about Women's Lib, and that is, one can talk about female libido without blushing. In the Regency and Victorian times people were coy about all sorts of matters pertaining to sex, and mothers would tell their daughters, "Your husband is going to explain everything to you dear. By the way, a lady does not enjoy such things.”

These days, there are multiple ads for "ED" (erectile dysfunction) drugs. This has led to many people assuming that only men suffer from sexual dysfunction (SD). This is far from the truth. Would you be shocked to learn that more women suffer from SD than men?

Now, here are some amusing statistics about libido in general. 1 out of 6 women are extremely low on libido. Come on....if the partner happens to be out of shape, sweaty, intoxicated, and in any other way physically and chemically unattractive to his woman, 6 out of 6 women are going to have a low libido!

There are also several other reasons why women often say, "not tonight dear, I have a headache!" She might be overtired, or not emotionally attached. Some physical causes include painful intercourse, the obvious menstrual cramps, a decline of sexual desire...possibly due to hormonal imbalance, and an inability to achieve orgasms.

Whatever the causes for the lowering of the female libido, usually for a woman, the sexual act is more of an emotional release than a physical release. So, a sense of intimacy and emotionally belonging to her partner helps in keeping her sexual life, active and vigorous.

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