Erectile Dysfunction or ED

If you’ve experienced episodes of erectile dysfunction or ED, then you might be comforted to know that it happens to many men! The chances are excellent that you will find a way to overcome it. Nobody ever expects that he will experience problems of this nature, yet it’s a common topic among men’s health issues.

Years ago, erectile dysfunction (ED) was referred to simply as impotence...a word that we associate with being ineffective, or unable to achieve something. Today we know that’s just not the case. This is a medical condition associated with specific problems that you can take action to alleviate.

More men identify this as a health issue than ever before. In statistics supplied by the National Ambulatory Care Survey, in 1985 less than 1% of physician office visits were made because of ED. That number had tripled by 2000, and today’s statistics show that men at the age of 40 report a 40% incidence of this problem. In fact, research cited in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study predicts that over 600,000 men will have their first experience with erectile dysfunction in the coming year.

Why the drastic increase in this men’s health issue? The medical community says that it is not really increasing. It’s just that we are better at identifying medical conditions that cause ED, and so more men are coming forward to seek treatment. Also, the advances in treating this problem encourage people to speak freely about it.

Erectile dysfunction is just one of men’s health issues within the broad category of sexual dysfunction, which also includes ejaculation disorders or reduced libido. Erection occurs when sensory or mental stimulation relaxes muscles in the penis, which allows blood to flow into it. You might remember being a young teen, when nothing more than the wind did the job! If it seems more difficult nowadays, rest assured it is true that as we get a little older we are more susceptible to the physical causes of ED.

* These causes can occur from anything that interrupts nerve impulses in the brain, such as spinal cord injuries. Diabetes or chronic kidney disease often wreaks havoc on our smooth muscles, arteries, and nerves. Hormonal or endocrine abnormalities, such as low testosterone levels or thyroid disease, might be the culprit.

* Cardiovascular disorders play a significant role. If you suffer from the beginning, or advancing stages of atherosclerosis, you have deposits of plaque lining your arteries and interfering with blood flow to your heart. This same mechanism interferes with blood flow to the penis.

* Certain drugs used as antihistamines or those used to treat stomach ulcers can contribute to ED.

* Antidepressants and tranquilizers are well known to hamper your ability to enjoy a complete sexual experience. It’s also worth mentioning that just the symptoms of depression and anxiety, even if you are not treating them with medication, cause erectile dysfunction in 10-20% of all men. If you are susceptible to these emotions, it’s important to discuss your feelings with your doctor or partner. Getting things out in the open can help more than you think!

* Lifestyle choices that include substantial amounts of alcohol or even recreational drug use can contribute to this problem. You might think you are enhancing your mood with these substances, but they don’t do much good if they throw water on the fire.

If you’ve only experienced difficulty once or twice, then you probably don’t need to worry at all. In fact, as mentioned above, just the aspect of your worrying could make it worse. But if your problem goes on for three months and interferes with a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, then you need to seek help with it. Your doctor will want to start with an examination, including lab tests to check blood levels. Sleep studies are sometimes recommended to document nocturnal erections. If erections can occur when you’re asleep, then they can happen when you’re awake! And your doctor will also ask you some questions that border on your perceptions of sex and your anxiety or depression levels in general.

Once you’ve discussed this with your partner and your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, ask what steps are next. Before you try one of the prescription medications specifically geared to enable an erection, you might want to consider a natural enhancement product which might help you to experience a happy, healthy, natural lifestyle.

According to Allan Spreen, M.D. of NorthStar Nutritionals "studies have even shown that men supplementing with l-arginine have seen dramatic improvement in erectile dysfunction." L-arginine is a natural amino acid. also discusses research results of using Pycnogenol and L-arginine for Erectile Dysfunction.

Obesity, stress, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease have all been known to lead to problems in the sack, and the best way to get all your parts working right again is to get yourself healthy.

Just remember…this is a common men’s health issue, and you absolutely will find the therapeutic measure that’s right for you!

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