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My one year-old cat was having regular sneezing fits. Sneezing 8, 9, 10 times in a row. Her little head seemed as if it would fall off. Otherwise, she was still very active, curious and tearing around the house, looking very healthy. However, I started noticing that the sneezing episodes started right after she used the litter box. Could my cat be allergic to the litter?? Yes, cats and humans can become allergic to cat litter, displaying many of the same symptoms, such as, sneezing, coughing, teary eyes. Some cats may even refuse to use their litter box.

Well, I decided to change the litter to see if it would remedy the situation. Now, please note that I really liked the litter I was using, mainly for it’s clumping action and excellent odor control. You would never know there were two cats in our house. It was the best brand I had found thus far. However, it did create a lot of dust. Dust when I poured fresh litter, dust when my cats used it, dust when I scooped. Ugghhh!! Even though I wore a mask and gloves while cleaning the litter box; I would get dust all over my arms, which I certainly did not like. I had tried many other brands over the years, but most did not clump well, were hard to scoop, and were just plain “stinky”.

Now, I always try to find natural healthy products for my pets, but I must admit to my great embarrassment, I did not pay much attention to the litter and how it affected the cats. I focused on MY needs, which were odor control, clumping, and value. I didn’t really think about what my sweet little kitty cats were digging into everyday. If the dust is bad for a big human to inhale, imagine the impact on the cat’s little noses and lungs. My older cat does his business in the backyard most of the time, but the younger one is strictly an indoor cat and only uses the litterbox. My heart aches when I think how this toxic litter dust was irritating her eyes, nose and lungs.

I immediately started researching cat litter and found and ordered what seemed to be a great product. Well my friends, when I opened that big bag of litter, I felt as though I had stepped onto a farm. Of course, because it was made from corn!! I was so excited (doesn’t take much, does it?). I did not phase in this new litter; I just made the cats go cold turkey with this new stuff.

I poured… no dust flying in the air! I touched…great texture…soft and light; and just a great fresh scent, not reeking of perfumes. Now for the REAL test. My young cat was coming over to inspect, as she usually does. She jumped into the pan, sniffed around and started digging excitedly. She seemed to be playing actually…like a kid in a sandbox. Then, she peed, covered it up and jumped out. The litter immediately clumped up. I scooped it up very easily…no sticky, heavy mess. I love this stuff!!

OK, the name of this great find is “The World’s Best Cat Litter” and I think it really lives up to its name. It is made from whole kernel corn, with a very appealing easy-to-scoop texture; almost no dust at all; great odor control; clumpable, flushable, biodegradable. It contains no clays, silica, synthetic binding, dust reducing agents or perfumes. It should harmlessly pass thru your cat if accidentally ingested. It also works great with “mechanical or self-cleaning litter boxes”.

When not cleaned in a timely manner, I do notice a bit of a fermented type odor when leaning directly over the pan and scooping. Once cleaned and a bit of fresh litter added to replace the amount lost in scooping, the odor disappears. Just as a precaution, with the purchase of this new litter, I also bought “ODOR CRYSTALS”, which are all-natural non-toxic volcanic minerals that remove even strong odors like magic. It’s inexpensive and comes with a lifetime guarantee. NOTE: Later on I discovered that there are 2 strengths of this brand: Regular and Extra Strength or Multiple Cat Strength. The Extra/Multiple Cat strength does not have the aforementioned odor problem.

Please note that what comes out of your pet depends largely on what goes into them. Therefore for better odor control, you should feed your pets high quality food. “The World’s Best Cat Litter” is a bit more expensive than some of the toxic junk out there, but it is definitely safer and better for your cat’s health and your health. I also find that it lasts longer because we use less due to its better absorption.

Guess what, my cat’s sneezing fits stopped almost immediately. She still sneezed occasionally for several weeks as I think the old toxic litter gradually cleared out of her lungs. Do yourself and your sweet kitties a favor and buy this great cat litter for them. You’ll love it and they‘ll love it. I know my kitty’s tiny little lungs are loving it and thanking me too.

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