Assessment Tools and Calculators

Assessment Tools:

Use these free, easy-to-use, interactive calculators and self help assessment tools to obtain and maintain a healthy physical and financial lifestyle.

These screening tools are fun and educational. Return and use them as often as you like...they'll be here for you. See them all below.

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Financial calculators:

Do you know how long it will take to pay off your credit card making just minimum payments each month and how much interest you are paying? Most people don't think about it, and it's shocking! Use these calculators to find out.

Use the financial calculators below to find out how much your mortgage payments, auto payments, or any loan payment will be. Find out how much you can afford to pay for a house or car before talking to a realtor or car salesman! You can create a plan to get your debts paid off quickly too.

Health Assessment Tools:

Health calculators are great self screening and self education tools. Return often to use the health calculators to learn more about your personal health and how to make safe, effective changes in your fitness, exercise, and nutrition habits to improve your overall health.

Debt & Credit Calculators Group

Debt Elimination
Debt Consolidation
Simple Debt Consolidation
Eliminate Debt or Invest
Debt Ratio
Financial Trouble

Credit Card Debt
CC Minimum Payment (2006 Rules)
CC Equal Payment
CC Equal Payment by Payoff Time

Physical Health Assessments Group

Heart Attack Risk
Slow Heart Attack
Risk for Stroke
Early Stroke Symptoms
Diabetes (Type 2) Risk
Seasonal Allergies
Food Allergy
Cold or Flu
Early Pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes Risk

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