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This essential oil testimonial website is a free service that allows anyone to search for Aromatherapy Testimonials and information relating to the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils, and the various ways they can be used for natural healing. There are several thousand entries in their database with more being added daily. Should you decide to visit the site, you can search for specific ailments or leave your own testimony for the benefit of others.

What are Essential Oils?

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How To Purchase Therapeutic Grade Oils

In order to experience healing with essential oils, one must be certain that the oils are therapeutic grade oils grown organically, distilled properly, and bottled undiluted, unadulterated, and unchanged from their natural state.

Most essential oils available (from health food stores, salons, etc.) are food or fragrance grade oils, which are not necessarily organically grown, are often extracted with chemical solvents, may contain synthetic components, and/or have been denatured, refined or diluted. Such oils are NOT therapeutic, and can even be harmful.

Research the company producing the oils. Check their Material Safety Data Sheets and GC/Mass Spec analysis results from an independent lab to confirm the components of the oils.

Young Living Essential Oils, Inc., is one of the most reliable sources of high quality therapeutically active oils in the world.


An excellent reference book is:"Essential Oils Desk Reference"

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