Announced Software Tool Beats Out the Leading Squeeze & Landing Page Giants?

Ninja Software Announced:

Someone is trying to gain an upper hand...on your business. So called "entrepreneurs", they peddle landing page and squeeze page software that you need a Ph.D to use. What's worse is, they've got the tools-and the cash-to do whatever they want.
Beautiful designs, grabbing your share of higher conversions, and selling more of your products should be what every "white hat" business person strives to deliver to you. But it rarely is.  However, there is good news.  Kyle Graham has announced the release of a squeeze page or capture page, landing page, email ninja software suite called Ten Minute Pages,  This amazing new tool is Point and Click, Drag and Drop easy.

This video explains all the details:

If you want a breakthrough solution that's 100% built with your needs in mind (higher profits, less tech nightmares, and more free time), then check this new video out. You'll find every solution, tool, and design you've been craving-without the messy technical headaches you've been experiencing. This is progress. This is Ten Minute Pages.

Here's the deal:
Within the Internet Marketing community the game is rigged against you...but a new "Swiss Army Knife" changes all that...
It's time to STOP waiting for others to get this right.  You need tech solutions that work in MINUTES...not hours or days.
You need designs that convert...not short codes that require time with a manual.
So they've thrown out 99% of the tech headaches, weird short codes, and made this "Leatherman of the Internet" from the ground up to do what you WANT it to do.

What will it do for you? Simplify your life....Give you drool-worthy designs...and increase your opt-ins and sales. That's about it-and that's what you need MOST right? Zero-fluff. And if you want to know more, they've put together a dynamite video that will walk you through exactly how you can get started jumping to a higher income today.
It's all here. See what's up.