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Here at HHL we do our best to bring you information on the best products and services available. Effective, safe and cutting-edge unique. CieAura and their revolutionary products definitely meet that high standard.

This company's transparent, non-transdermal Holographic Chips are a natural, unique, safe and effective way to adjust and balance our body’s inner energy flow. It is placed on the body (or even within 2 inches of the body). Nothing enters into the body. It brings the body back up to where it needs to be and wants to be; adjusting and balancing our body’s inner energy flow. It’s like acupuncture on the go, but without needles. For energy, pain, sleep, allergies & high performance. Also new chips for help with weight loss, and to enhance the feeling of intimacy.

"CieAura uses Harmonic FM™ technology which infuses intrinsic energies into the Chips (stickers) for the purpose of influencing the human energy field. Once applied, the body’s energy field triggers the release of these stored energies. "

Do you have pain in your knees, lower back or elsewhere? Do you lack energy during the day sometimes? Do you need a better night’s rest? Well, we did! Then we checked out CieAura!!

"3,000 Years of Science in a 21st Century Delivery System"

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Colt McCoy

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao wears CX2 Plus

CieAura LLC Acknowledges Lisa Leslie: Woman of the Year!

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